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Optimizing Office Furniture and Enterprise Real Estate Purchases

It is well know that office furniture / computer equipment, as well as renting / leasing or purchasing real estate to host your employees, is very expensive for corporations. Are there any companies using data science to optimize this activity (when and where to buy / sell) as many tools are now available, based on big data, to make better decisions? Or is it still a process based on the CEO's gut feelings?

Just asking, as I was once contacted to use data science to reduce costs related to office furniture, and one of my partners is a senior executive in a big company, and his job title is "head of real estate purchasing" or something like that. I myself bought several properties personally, and I know that intuition alone is not the best tool to maximize ROI. I am also wondering why telecommuting is not more widespread, as this is probably the easiest solution to save a lot of money in enterprise real estate and office expenses. 

In short, do you know any company that uses data science to optimize this costly part of doing business? I have never seen a job offer to hire an "enterprise real estate data scientist." 

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