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Hello fellow Data Scientist !

I don't know if it's the right place to ask that but I guess so let's go.

I just discovered Pycaret with this notebook :

And it's seems to good to be real, it made a lot with so little. So Im' quite suspicious, what do you guys think ? It's a good alternative ? And if yes, for what ? Just blending ? Or other stuff ? Or is not that good and not fiable ?

Because I check what this package can do right now and for example with just one line of code, it can compare a lot of models just like that. You just need to specify the metrics and the models you do not want and here we go. That's great ! But maybe with huge dataset it will take forever ? I don't know.. It's seems so simple… I'm suspicious.

Let me know what you guys thinking, you have far more experience than me, a young data scientist.

Thanks !

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I don't know why but I cannot find anyone to answer me on that. PyCaret seems to be a great package under construction, I thought we could discuss on this more easily. Never mind, wait and see.



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