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For we poor folks still trying to make Interactive Dashboards for non-profits....what open-source tools can build solutions to those in recent PROPRIETARY SOFTWARE webinars?  

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Hi Michael,

For me, one of the best is Pentaho Community Edition, you can make good dashboards with it and you have a lot of tutos in video out there.

I use version Pentaho 5 and Saiku, incredible tool to make drag and drop interface over multidimensional schemas.

Anyway, I'm always open to new ideas!



Hi Michael, 

I am not sure if you have tried Microsoft Power BI, you can create some cool dashboards and can share it online with your colleagues and that too without paying anything. Though it will be with limited horse power but I am pretty sure it will be a perfect solution what you are looking for. 

Please see below the link to one of the Dashboards that I created using Power BI

Twitter Dashboard

The QR code incase you want to view that on your cell. 

The above is a cool way to help your clients with limited resources. 

I hope you will find this helpful!

Happy New Year!

Sunil Kappal

Highly recommend "Superset" is a data exploration platform designed to be visual, intuitive and interactive;  an open source data exploration and visualization Python tool developed at Airbnb engineering. This platform is interactive and intuitive, easily processes and visualizes data.

Official Documentation site.



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