Hi Everybody,

I have been studying data Science from last 1.5 years and so far i have complete Data Science in R and working on python.

I just anyone to answer me few questions, its just i cant find anyone to discuss these things.

1. How do you know where to apply mathematics equation like C.I, Linear regression, Z-Value that's it, I have understand all of these equation but i didn't worked on any project in between my studies where i can use them to that level where you finally got grasp of it.

2. I have worked on R studio but where ever i try to apply the job they are looking for person who can work on some third type of software which i have never heard of it, like Keros, Tensorflow etc etc, Do i need to study there software too ? like are these different from R- Studio and is the scripting or writing coding different for these software's.

(if i have to study these software too then which one is the best to study all or some which is popular or is trending ) ?

3. Lastly what skills you think i need to have to get the career started in Data Science field ?

I have already Studied R in (Visualization, Basics, Probability, Linear regression, inference and modeling & Development tools) and same for  Python, Apache hadoop, No SQL.

All of the above questions are really stupid, But i am trying to learn something here on my own which is getting confused, If anyone can help me answer these it would be really helpful.


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I think, I am in the same boat as you. Although, to my understanding we will use the concepts that are learned for the mathematics courses such as multivariate calculus, linear algebra.

I am also studying data science, and to really learn it I believe you have to do personal project related to it, only then your learnings will be materialised. That is what i am currently aiming for. A good place to start would be on kaggle website, you can check it out.


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