Hi All,

I am senior software developer and have 4+ years experience with C, C++, C#, PHP, XML, Python and bit of MatLab.

Now I am planning to change my career into Data Science/Big Data.

I will really appreciate if someone help me with following questions:

1. Is it feasible/worthy moving into Data Science/Big Data regarding job opportunity/salary?

2. Should I need/require any training for this career path?

3. Where can I find training?

BTW: I have BS and MS in Computer Science.


Thank you

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Hi Mohammad,

Thanks for writing.

As far as #1 is concerned, I think most people in this group and also outside will agree that this is the time to move into analytics - whether the data is big or small. Big Data just makes the problems more challenging. However, the discipline of Data Scientist touches a number of functions and it is important to understand these functions before you decide to jump in. Computer Science and Software Development is one aspect of it, but there are several others like Business Analyst, Statistician etc., that are equally important. Often you will need to wear multiple hats. There are countless opportunities, but you need to evaluate yourself if you are ready. Keep reading the posts on this site to learn more about the role of Data Scientist and make sure you are "curious" enough for it.

2. There is a huge amount of information available in this field. Since you are a Comp. Sci. graduate, you already have the fundamentals needed from Math/Statistics/Comp. Sci. point of view. But when you change your career, sometimes a certification or two helps, even an online program. But the best way is to learn by doing and you can start off with any of the numerous platforms and languages out there and try to build a simple application that relates to your field. You will learn more by doing than you will through any of the academic programs.

3. There are several universities that offer online MS programs in analytics - NYU, UC Berkeley, Columbia being among them. There are posts here that will tell you more about those programs. Cloudera and Hortonworks provide training classes and certification programs for Big Data development, administration and data science.

Hope this helps. 


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