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Hi I am new to data analytics. I have data of a cab company which is when booking has been done for what time booking has been done GPS data of cabs.

I want to make sense of this data without using any time series analysis or any machine learning algorithms .I just want to speaks data itself can anybody could give thought about it or resources where I could learn this.

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1. Start with visualizations. Tableau Public is the first stop for this.

2. Cab "Studies" has a very long history. You may want to check for lit. Probably best place to start this is in the operations research topics. I know that England/London was where 'cab studies' are important.

Best of luck,


Thanks ,Daniel.

As you said that cab "studies has long history". I have already seen vast number of research papers but actually for the real time data they did not work much what we want now is that.

Since, immediate booking can be know certainly weather booking could be served or not with high probability because either we have cab or not. But advanced booking can not be known in the prior weather it will be served or not so we want to generate a confidence number  for each booking weather it will be served or not and this confidence number will change in real time.

For this our first proposal is that for each time , for every booking we will select 10 best cab which can serve the particular booking on that basis we will generate a confidence number.

But I am not sure how to put this concept in nice algorithmic form 


I was surfing the web for my research on a data problem, happen to found this ...very few of the companies apply data science starting with a true definition of business problem and solving using data science techniques.. this looks  promising check




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