Hi all - I am a recent Industrial Engineering grad (~1 year removed) from West Virginia University. While in school, I always found myself fascinated with the statistics courses..but ended up getting an entry level role in manufacturing. That being said, I have mainly focused on data collection, mining & analysis (intermediate level in Excel & Access/SQL), as well as some traditional IE process improvement work.

For the most part, I have been disenchanted with what I have been learning, and am looking to transition myself into something where I can have a more rewarding career and use the skills that align mainly with my passions.

I have taken the time to learn (at a beginner level) how to code with R and am learning Python at the moment. Outside of linear/logistic regression, decision trees, confidence intervals, and more traditional statistics, what can I do to better position myself? Does it make sense to go back to school??

I tried starting by reviewing the data science cheat sheet, but I found myself leaving with more questions than answers. My end goal is to build analytics company with a few of my friends from school. My problem is that as of now, I have a high level idea of what it is I want to accomplish, but feel that I may lack the technical means to do so.

Thanks for your time.

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Ready-made company, also known as Shell Company, previously formed company, seasoned company or aged company describes Limited Liability Company (LLC) or partnership that has had no activity, metaphorically put on the shelf to age or being like an empty shell. Usually ready-made company is VAT registered.

i will start the AI or mining but it will take extra time to learn new things in it.


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