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Hi all - I am a recent Industrial Engineering grad (~1 year removed) from West Virginia University. While in school, I always found myself fascinated with the statistics courses..but ended up getting an entry level role in manufacturing. That being said, I have mainly focused on data collection, mining & analysis (intermediate level in Excel & Access/SQL), as well as some traditional IE process improvement work.

For the most part, I have been disenchanted with what I have been learning, and am looking to transition myself into something where I can have a more rewarding career and use the skills that align mainly with my passions.

I have taken the time to learn (at a beginner level) how to code with R and am learning Python at the moment. Outside of linear/logistic regression, decision trees, confidence intervals, and more traditional statistics, what can I do to better position myself? Does it make sense to go back to school??

I tried starting by reviewing the data science cheat sheet, but I found myself leaving with more questions than answers. My end goal is to build analytics company with a few of my friends from school. My problem is that as of now, I have a high level idea of what it is I want to accomplish, but feel that I may lack the technical means to do so.

Thanks for your time.

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