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Looking for interviewees: Data Scientist - Role profile / Job description

Dear Data Science community,

For my master studies in BIT (Business Information Technology, European version of MIS - Management Information Systems) at the school for applied science in Lucerne (Switzerland), I - together with two fellow students - am currently writing a research paper about the role profile / job requirements for a Data Scientist.

Therefore we are looking for interview partners for Phone or Email interviews, we are trying to keep it short (max. 15 minutes). The paper will be written in German, but the interviews will be done in both German and English (depending on the interviewee).
The interviews will start at the beginning of next week (21st of November 2016) and we are trying to have all of them done in one or two weeks.

Who is eligible for this interview?
If you got in contact with hiring / selecting people or defining requirements for Data Scientist jobs in your professional life, you are generally eligible.
We are focussing on two geographical areas, one contains US/UK and the other one the German speaking countries (DACH, Germany, Austria, German speaking part of Switzerland).
The interview will be completely anonymous, all we write down is the type of company (e.g. Bank), the location (e.G. Switzerland) and your position in the company (e.g. Data Science Team Lead).

I am hereby asking for your support, if you qualify for the interview and are willing to do it, please let me know.
Additionally, I am very thankful if you forward this message (you are free to give them my contact information found below) to somebody who you think would be a candidate for this interview or alternatively let me know so I can can contact them myself.

Any other tips or hints are also highly welcome.

Thank you very much for the support already and I am looking for your replies.
Best regards,

Contact Information
Stefan Wagen
Email (school): [email protected]
Phone: +41 76 380 82 48

By the way, almost forgot: of course we will make the paper available to anybody who supported it or up on request. Be aware, the paper is written in German, but we are thinking about translating the management summary to English.

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