Looking For Interesting Project for This Unique Technology

Hi Everyone,

New to this forum. I'm looking for an interesting data science project to pair with this technology: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o4fNTNQwn-Y

My fascination is with how humans interact with complex data, not the data science itself, which I'll leave to qualified data scientists.

In particular I'm looking for situations in which AI can be used to assist managers in diagnosing daily business problems by invoking helpful algorithms against targeted subsets of data.

So, consider the following scenario for a large network of medical clinics:

  1. Standard BI tools/reports identify for a manager that there has been an increase in cancellations for a large medical clinic.
  2. Manager users the analytical capabilities of a system such as the one in the video to quickly identify key aspects of the problem (the targeted subset).
  3. Further insight is buried in the details, so the manager invokes an AI algorithm (using the verbal command "run xxx") to analyze hidden patterns in the targeted subset. The results of this algorithm can be explored using the same tool as shown in the video (so we have a full identification, invocation, review loop).
  4. Note, the results of the targeted algorithm are obviously not definitive. Their purpose is simply to arm the manager with important observations that he/she can use to more definitively explore the issue with relevant staff. In more complex scenarios, this is where the manager would hand the issue off to a qualified data scientist to untangle the smoke from the fire.

Feel free to contact me re: any of the above, even if it's just for intellectual exchange, as I tend to learn something from every discussion!


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