Dear DSC team,

I am looking for a mentor to help me get involved in hands-on experience in DS projects. I am studying MOOCs in DS and I need a mentor to guide me thought the first steps into a real-life DS project giving me guidance on the proper project structure, way of thinking and of course the actual day to day activities to complete a project. 

I am currently working full time and I study DS in my free time so my contribution to a project and contact times would be after 6 PM (CEST) on workdays and anytime on the weekends.

I would deeply appreciate it if there is someone that could guide me through the journey and I would be glad to invest my free time in learning by contributing to projects. 

Any feedback is more than welcome.

Thanks in advance,


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How are things going on your side regarding data science. Did you find a mentor yet?



Hi Syed,

Since the initial post, the below followed:

1. A kind person offered me 1-2 hour on the weekends and we tried but in long term didn't work due to timezone differences and my eagerness to move faster. But I am grateful and deeply appreciate the time he dedicated to me.

2. I got the Coursera IBM DS certification which contributed a lot to get a good understanding while working on the assignments and the capstone.

3. I got enrolled in a part-time MSc in Data science to get the chance for more intensive mentoring and involvement with data. 

A mentor brings the experience of years and supports you in building strong bases fast. Unfortunately, I couldn't find that in the form that I needed it, so I found other ways.

PS: sorry for the long reply, just wanted to give some courage to anyone reading this and going through the same phase I was.



Hi Riona,

I run an organization called Phase AI, and we specifically try to help people connect with mentors and provide support via webinars for early-career data scientists.

Do you have a portfolio? That's usually a great place to start with regards to getting into the space and also convincing mentors to help you. Feel free to contact us and we can provide you with feedback on your approach, career, and connect you with mentors.



Hi Wojciech,

Thank you for your answer and feedback. I will definitely check out your website and come back to you. Currently in the process of building a portfolio and exploring some other options too. 

I wonder if there are ways to leverage past experience that professionals bring when moving into Data Science, especially on domain knowledge.



Hey Riona, I would suggest you Lynda for DS course, it will help you thoroughly with practical :)

Thanks for this update.


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