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Issue: Configuring algos for future driver values


The problem that I am facing at a large supermarket relates to configuring the algorithms for forecasting in SAP Predictive Analytics. We have extracted the historical data and using time series, obtained quite a goodness of fit in the forecasts. The part that remains is to use the discount information available for the next 6 weeks as a driver to further fine tune the time series forecast. Now it sounds straightforward and logical, but so far I cant seem to be configure Predictive Analytics tool to accept these future driver values. This is a sticking point for the users because they really want to be able to change their discounts and measure how the forecast is changing in response. 

From a general standpoint of using alogrithms for sales forecasts, how do we normally input driver information for future values in lets say R? Perhaps using that concept, I can work back and solve this issue.

Any help would be highly appreciated.




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