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I am working on a data set where I have a data of recommendation set for taskers for a particular tasks. There price, number of completed tasks and position is given. Out of a set of recommendation only one tasker is selected by the user. My question is

Based on the previous, how would you approach the question of:

How can we use market data to suggest hourly rates to Taskers that would maximize their opportunity to be hired?

Please describe in detail, with code and formulas that support your model.

My finding till now is

there is no relation between number of completed tasks ,hourly rate and position.

only lead is taskers who have number of completed tasks more with optimum price per hour are selected more.

Any ideas are highly appreciated.

I am attaching a file for the data

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Is this price listed the "ask" price or "rate sheet" price of that tasker at a certain point in time, or actual agreed upon price of their last task at some point in time? You'll have better results with market data if you can get the actual transaction price and date, not just some rate sheet sitting out there that may or may not have had any actual transactions associated with it.



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