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I'm currently an undergraduate student of computer science and engineering. After some projects, reading and working as an intern, i found myself taking the path towards data science.

I'm currently trying to schedule a step by step guide towards the data science world, and i was wondering if anyone can provide me with tips on how to build a solid foundation for data science, steps on where to start and the path i should follow.

Should i first start with Big Data Ecosystem? Data Modeling? Machine Learning? Data Mining? 

What about programming languages? I am leaning towards scala, as a java guy, but i'm amazed of python libraries and also i'm seeing R is really high in the game. Any advice and guidance, would be of great help and really much appreciated.

p.s i already have a solid math background of statistics, algebra and probabilities

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Like it and am wait expertise to guide us.

It's good to have background both in statistics and computer science, but as I understood, as you are computer engineer it's preferable for you to start  with data exploration methods like PCA, Clustering, etc. and econometrics.


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