How to detect the best prospects, based on data science

Analytics can go a long way to filter out Inbox messages that have no value (waste of your time), and to identify the right prospects. So what are the metrics to use, to filter our bad leads that will waste all your time, and identify great potential clients?

  • Big companies such as IBM or Microsoft are a waste of time, unless you belong to their inner circle. Don't chase them, all they want is free traffic from you.
  • Small companies that recently received VC funding (5 million dollars or more) are good candidates
  • Small companies that regularly use your free services, are good candidates. At some point, block their free posts, not because you want them to become a client (though this might work), but because this is unfair to your real clients.
  • Reaching out to your client's competitors is a good strategy.
  • Companies that are aware about you (they email you regularly) are much better targets than big companies (IBM) that are always the last to sign up.
  • Meet prospects at big conferences. Far easier than by phone or email, unless you control your market.
  • Identify your best prospects based on location - in our case (data science), this is the Bay Area, and also NYC - they also share the same culture, which helps close deals.
  • Don't waste time trying to enroll very bureaucratic clients such as government agencies or foreign clients, unless they are in your inner circle. However, you might do a deal with their vendors - far easier.
  • Timing is critical. Reach out to a prospect at the right time, e.g. just after their got a bid deal with a big client. 

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