How do you deal with your traffic data problems in your country?

China's lunar new year is coming, and the traffic season for China's Spring Festival is a big job for China's transportation organizations, as it is estimated, the flow of customer traffic will be up to 340,000,000 person-times.

Traffic data calculation and analytics are also quite complex, there is an sample as belows, 

Database include motoring offence, amount of fine, and fine settlement. After issuing the ticket for motoring offence, the sedan owner must fully pay the Traffic Control Bureau within one month in one lump sum. Once the late fee is paid, Traffic Control Bureau will mark the TRUE on the Settled field to indicate the settlement. The late fee will be computed and levied for the unpaid traffic fines, and the rate of late fee is 3% each day, totaling 100% at the highest. All amounts will be recorded in the LateFee field.

How to you deal with such problems, and which tools do you recommend?

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When I did my math studies at the University, there was a team focusing just on that problem: traffic optimization. You can check their website here.

Hi, Vincent, thank you for your kind reply. I have looked through it, it is helpful. and would you help recommend some detailed cases about the transportation data computing or analytics? Thanks in advance!


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