How can desktop BI tool help to self-service BI tool?

In order to bridge business and technology, self-serivice BI has been a hot topic for BA, and the tools are key to realize it, even though it is not the whole. But how can we practically realize self-service BI, can desktop BI tools be an alternative to traditional BI?

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It can if your company is using QlikView and has the appropriate licensing. You can download a personal copy on their website: qlikview.com.

To be honestly, it it isn't difficult to do with traditional BI tools, also you have to do much work to convert your old ways to the new way.

Actually, self service business intelligence is a topic being talking about for almost 20 years. But many users will still ask, is this really happening? Truly self-service isn't so simple they just make users effortlessly participate in BI activities. Non-Enterprise BI tools are mostly self-service BI tools in a certain degree. They enables users to identify and respond quickly to trends and patterns in business data. The faster, the better.

For someone who isn't part of the IT department, they demand tools to help them access and understand company data and also become a specialist to do business analysis. That what desktop BI tools do.

Jim King 

Consulting Manager



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