The ML/data analytics field is growing rapidly and with the wide array of topics, one needs to specialize in the industry to get a handle of everything (let alone understand).

So my question is two parts:

1) Does anyone know of an outsource service for ML where I could submit a dataset, propose several algorithms of interest for the worker to use, obtain practical background information on the algorithm, and get a dataset results summary?

2) I've been reading blogs, wiki pages, experimenting with misc Python ML packages.  Is there a great book for people with a background in statistics that care more about the usability of ML?  In other words, an overview that summarizes the techniques, provides applicable data types to use on, and is not geared towards beginners.

Appreciate everyone's time.


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I have to confess before I begin writing this that I work for Microsoft, but we have a trial Azure ML web service where you can submit data and either use our algorithms or write your own in R

The portal is here.. http://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/services/machine-learning/

I am guessing you don't have an MSDN subscription but if your outfit does then that gives you free azure hours to try this.

Andrew Fryer

([email protected])



I dont know of a outsource service, but the caret package in R kind of does this. it has a single interface to invoke many ML algorithms (just a parameter) and see the results


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