Hello guys,

I need your help.

I have a lot of data that i collected with Google Analytics and Facebook Ads.

I want to optimize my marketing, wich kin of information can I extract from this data?

I mean, if I combine the 2 source of data, can I know something else? 

Thanks in advance

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Here are some of the Google Analytics metrics that I find most useful:

  • Traffic from US vs. other countries
  • Number of new users per day
  • Traffic breakdown per browser: Chrome vs Android (and mobile vs. non-mobile) 
  • Breakdown per source (referral) per country
  • Top 100 articles each week, broken down per referral
  • New members, broken down per country / referral
  • Page views per session, for top articles

Two-level breakdowns are very useful. For instance we noticed that overall Google organic traffic is going down. But after digging deeper, we noticed it went down for countries that we do not target, and up in US. So actually, very good news. Even more useful than Google Analytics are metrics from vendors looking at competitive data, overlap between us and competitors, and market share -- especially the trends.

For Facebook ads, conversions and cost-per-conversion are the most critical. Blending data from FB with GA allows you to see discrepancies, number of new users coming from FB vs. returning users, and robotic conversions among other things.


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