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As of today, most of our daily routine tasks and daily business analytics are now shifting to smartphone. To better time optimization people use or will use smart devices to check their daily analytics and day to day tasks. We may not be having time to open a desktop computer and then open our inbox to look into a document that contains the daily update on our business.

Smartphones has changed the way of our communication. The mindset that is being developed from this, believes on instant messaging instead of waiting for our inbox to get updated. Once this mindset get matured, it seems that people will need a technology that help them do business communication through their smartphones. I am sure email will not fit in that case.

Let me give you an example. Today the business people prefer to communicate with businesses through linked-in and Facebook instead of sending emails from outlook. You may disagree with this but this is the trend that is getting evolved. In my perspective the usage of emails has been reduced drastically in last couple of years and it seems that this technology is going be obsolete very soon. I am not sure how much time it will take but, it will not exist anymore. The question is what will replace the emails?

Till today the preferable document exchange format that people use is PDF. PDF is good desktop solution and when we talk about smartphones, it is not going to work good on smart devices. As everything is getting shifted on smart devices. Do you think it indicates the death of PDF?


I will appreciate your feedback on the following questions

  1. What technology is going to replace emails?
  2. What technology is going to replace PDF?




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smart phones, SMS, etc., etc., etc., have their limitations (140-characters, etc.)

I think Online data-storage (pdf, pics, etc.) would be the way to go

one just needs to point to a Link

data science/analysis is for everyone... not just Scientists ...
... please review the above and share it with your Network


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