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Hi there,

I'm new in the Data Science environment and have done some research to find a solution to do some analysis on combined quantitative (cost, transactions, notional, #applications, ...)  and qualitative (region, country, month, organizational unit,...) variables in python.

The only library I could find is called Prince but with very limited documentation.

Problem Statement:

How do I process a Factor Analysis of Mixed Data (FAMD) in python to identify patterns, correlations between the quantitative and qualitative variables.

Please let me know if there is an easier way than using Prince, e.g. preprocess the qualitative variables into numerical data using, e.g. the scikit labelencoder or maybe I'm going in the wrong direction.

Thanks in advance


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Hi, did you ever find more documentation?  I have been trying to use Prince as well and keep getting the following error,


TypeError: check_is_fitted() missing 1 required positional argument: 'attributes'.  I even get this error when I run the examples given with the Prince documentation.



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