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Can someone recommend me some good website or book to learn Excel VBA?


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If I can suggest something about it, I would start looking at this:

and another compilation of good websites could be:

Hope it helps,

Cheers, ... DR

You might also want to take a look at xlwings, which allows for a basic VBA module, provided by the developer, that connects to python scripts you write.


if you can think of algorithm of your macro and know the syntax already you can learn a lot just from recording macro and analyzing its code

Think it depends on your coding background what you are trying to do with VBA. If you have coded before in any language,

Thanks for recommendations.

The best would be a book like Excel Power Programming or Excel Dashboards by John Walkenbach. Anything by John Walkenbach... he's Mr. Spreadsheets!

Qamar: Follow Rick's suggestion. Walkenbach is the one to choose, not last because he supplies very useful code with the CD. I have all of his editions from Excel 95 on.

The book i recommend is this:


however this is a further step even to the mighty Walkenbach so i recommend to read its stuff first

as an online resource i would suggest:

I totally agree with Luca about Professional Excel Development (PED). After teaching a full (36 hours lecture + 12 hours of lab) course in Excel VBA I'd love to create a next-step course based on the stuff in PED. It's for people already familiar with VBA in Excel.



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