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Hi All,

I am looking for an easy (preferably free) software to make a heatmap from some csv data that I have which include latitude, longitude and accelerometer g-forces (vertical direction). The data was gathered by mounting an accelerometer to a piece of heavy equipment. The goal of the analysis is to determine points in the road where the equipment experiences the highest g-forces. 

I've tried making a heatmap in PowerBI, but my understanding is it's using the frequency of the data as well as the magnitude to make the heatmap (i.e. if a unit drives by the same spot 10 times and experiences a 0.1g force, it's counted the same as a single event with 1g, so naturally, the areas that have the highest traffic report the "hottest" on the heatmap).

I don't have much experience with data analysis beyond the basics in excel, though I am an engineer so have some understanding of the basics. 

Any help or input is much appreciated.

Tags: GPS, accelerometer, g-force, heatmap

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If in PowerBI you're able to get heat map, and it's just that multiple measurements are aggregating into a total, can you change that aggregation to an average so that for example the 10 measurements at 0.1g each yield average of 0.1g?

Google maps has a nice API and makes some very nice heat maps, but you'll need to do a little lightweight programming (JavaScript). It's in their google.maps.visualization library. It might be an excellent fit to what you're describing here with roads and accelerometers.

R is free and packages exist that make heat maps easy enough.

Good luck!

Thanks for the response Justin. I was able to get what I needed using the 3D maps features in excel. Works great if anyone else is looking for a similar tool.



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