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Do I need a Graduate Degree ( Masters Degree in Data Science)?

Hello Folks,


Glad that we have this blog and I am sorry I am consuming this instead of adding better content which I will once I am more qualified. I have 10 years of experience as Analyst and now as Catastrophe Modeler and in terms of education I have Bachelors in Commerce ( Accounts/Maths) and Masters of Science ( Risk and Insurance). I am getting well paid.I want to get some Data Science roles. Do I have to complete Masters Degree First?



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Yeah. Firstly you have to complete Master degree then you continue with Data Science. I want to suggest a website ( The goal of their team is to build next generation entrepreneur, data scientist and software professionals. After completion of your Master degree, go with this website to learn Data science in an appropriate way.

Hi Sharma,

the data scientist profession is more about skills than titles, unless you are looking for professor career I don't think you need a second Master of Science degree. If you already have an area of expertise and a base knowledge on statistics maybe you only need to fill the gap with computer programming and machine learning algorithms, and you don't need go to a 5-year computer science course just to learn programming. And given the nature of your profession, I suppose that you already perform some kind of data analysis, don't you ?



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