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Dissertation / Thesis Topic Idea for MSc Data Analytics


I'm looking to frame a dissertation proposal on The Applications of Internet of Thing and Big Data Analytics towards Smart Cities, and need suggestions on how to narrow down this vast area of study to a specific problem faced by communities these days which could be solved using advanced analytics.

I would really appreciate your input and help.

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That is a vast area of study.

You'll be doing a lot of work on whatever you choose here, so why not propose something related to your own interests? Like for example, say you are interested in the financial side of things, maybe propose to improve the accuracy of city revenue forecasting by using data such as traffic camera data from commercial areas, pedestrian footfall data from the city center, passenger data from public transit in commercial areas, etc., cross-referenced with sales tax receipts data to predict sale tax trends based on increased or decreased traffic to the businesses that contribute sales taxes. Or maybe money is boring but sports are fun, so propose some analysis of traffic and transit data of all kinds to suggest changes to improve the gridlock when the local team has a big game.

Good luck and have fun with your research.


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