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I need more information about sentiment analysis from social media, especially to collect data. Thank you for your kind information. 

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Sentiment analysis in socal media helps people to know how people feel about a particular thing be it a product, item,movie and feel can be positive, negative, neutral depending on the parameters you have etc. It is also categorised under NLP.

We have various tool and libraries in python to scrape data from different social media site you can either use the official api of the site you can get this on the site of the social media site or unofficial method to scrape data but you have to go patiently through github to know how to use this method by searching for the kind of scraper you want .

Everything mentioned above still boils down to how far you are willing to go to get your project done cos we have  different ways of doing what you intend to do you just have to find best way out that is fast and easy for you to comprehend.

Here are some of tools and libraries i use :

Facepager for Facebook a desktop application 

Twitterscaper a python library 

Selium used for automation 

Beautifulsoup python library etc

Thank you very much. Basically, I am not good in programming. Have you proposed the software doing sentiment analysis for person like me?  I am in accounting major and very love to do research multidisciplinary.



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