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I have compiled a list of Modern Data Scientist skills:

Modern Data Scientist GraphicsPlease have a look on them. Do agree with all? Would you add anything else to the list? What do you think, who Data Scientist should be? Read original story on MarketingDistillery.



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I don't disagree.  I think this is a good list.  This is consistent with most of what I see.

I do have a question.  Some people have been leading with tools like R and Python and delivering heavy-use tools with functional platforms like Clojure or Scala.  Others, like Prismatic, go straight to the functional tools for this kind of work.  I'm wondering if other people see this and if it's a large trend?  From my perspective, this kind of production-ready delivery might be an elite kind of practice, or the result after several iterations of discovery and experimentation.

Good job KZ,




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