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Data Scientist Needed: Opportunity to work with the solar industry's largest dataset & reshape the energy industry

About us: kWh Analytics makes solar affordable for all by attacking solar's biggest problem: The high cost of capital. We have assembled the industry's largest independent aggregation of solar asset data, and enable investors to confidently deploy more capital with lower risk. We were recently recognized in Forbes, the Corporate Eco Forum, and the US Department of Energy for our work. We're an extremely small, effective team looking for a Senior Data Scientist for a first hire.

Candidate background: Must be comfortable with *nix. Knowledge of a modern language such as C++, Java, or Python is required. The ideal candidate will be comfortable with data-intensive distributed applications such as Apache Hadoop or a similar MapReduce implementation. A background in mathematical modeling or machine learning is desired. Must possess a masters in a quantitative discipline or equivalent experience.

Our team: [1] Ex-consultant who helped found McKinsey's solar practice in 2007 [2] 6th year PhD in computational fluid dynamics [3] Former CEO of Experian (board advisor)

If interested, please send a CV to [email protected] with 2-4 sentences summarizing your background & reason for interest. We'll interview applications on an ongoing basis until we fill the spot.

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I was surfing the web for my research on a data problem, happen to found this ...very few of the companies apply data science starting with a true definition of business problem and solving using data science techniques.. this looks  promising check



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