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Data Science use cases for webcam quality check in factory lab

I have got a challenge from one of my client asking me to create some use cases related to webcam quality check in factory lab. Right now, an operator captures the images manually and compares it with some colored QR code for quality check, if the quality of images are on par on not. This client is a desktop/laptop manufacturer.

I was thinking to automate the process with removal of human intervention, except initiating the program. I thought about taking some sample of images and mark them manually. After that using image processing techniques, I can check the quality of new clicked images and segment them.

Can someone suggest some more use cases here?

Tags: Image analysis, factory manufacturing quality, image processing, image quality, image quality check, webcam quality

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Hi Yogesh, I am also working on similar applications. I am assuming you would like each part to be quality checked through AI. Is your current process setup only to check a few samples for quality?

No, it is doing quality check for all the products getting outside of factory. However, the only gap I saw in their process that they are only testing if the images are captured by webcam or not. They are not doing any other quality check like blurriness, noise (dot, line) in the captured image.



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