Data Science Training and Formal Qualifications for Executives

I would like to ask any advise on formal trainings/program that will allow someone to transition to an executive position in Data Science. I have communicated with some prestigious universities and I have completed a number of on-line courses in data analysis, statistics, machine learning, neural networks, Python, R, deep learning but I still cannot find a program that will allow someone to make a transition into data science while leveraging all the previous experience. Most of the training programs I have found seem to provide more of a general, deep technical hands-on knowledge and less of a project and industry oriented practice at an executive level.

My ideal program would be one that provides the basic training of all data science related topics, both from a technical and a business aspect. At the same time it will provide the opportunity to work on real word projects based on a company's needs.

Do anyone know of any such programs?

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