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Hello Everyone,

Am a student who is exploring data science as a beginner. I did Python and nowadays exploring R for data science. Plus, trying some hands on a tool. Whatelse, I can do or am suppose to do?

Kindly, give your valuable suggestions.

Thank You!

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The basic foundation for a long-lived career in IT for anybody getting started is to pursue a bachelor's degree in something computing related. This usually means a degree in computer science, management information systems (MIS), computer engineering, informatics or something similar. Plenty of people transition in from other fields, to be sure, but the more math and science under one's belt when making that transition, the easier that adjustment will be. Given projected shortages of IT workers, especially in high demand subject areas – which not only include data science, but also networking, security, software development, IT architecture and its various specialty areas, virtualization, and more – it's hard to go wrong with this kind of career start.

For data scientists, a strong mathematics background, particularly in statistics and analysis, is strongly recommended, if not outright required. This goes along naturally with an equally strong academic foundation in computing. Those willing to slog through to a master's or Ph.D. before entering the workforce may find data science a particularly appealing and remunerative field of study when that slog comes to its end. If so, they can also jump directly into mid- or expert/senior level career steps, respectively.


You are armed with right qualifications, skills and are a certified data science professional as well. Yet you are not able to turn your credentials into an employment. Probably because recruiters don’t find any ‘employability factor’ in your data science certificate program.

Here are some of the data science certificate programs floating in the market. Go through each of them and then choose your pick.

1. Data Science Certifications by Cloudera

2. Data Science Certifications by Data Science Council of America (DASCA)

3. Data Science Certification by Harvard University



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