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Dear forum members,

I have started working as a customer data insight analyst after working as a consultant in a different domain for 14 years.

I got this job because i know general sql and python and formally educated in mathematics and computer applications.

My job involves customer churn analysis and my company is using mostly excel /tableau, i am exploring few python libraries like pandas but i am not able to implement the data science concepts like predictive analysis due to pressure to produce outputs and i end up working in excel.

In my company, there is no data scientist and people are inclined to use excel but I am aspiring to become a data scientist but not formally educated in data science.

Can anyone suggest me if taking a data science degree can speed up my skills to apply the data science techniques in my company?




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Hi Lucky,

What is really going to speed up your skills is learning, taking the time to learn. Now, it's going to depend on how you learn best. If you're the type on person who needs direction or learns better in a classroom, then yes, you should get a degree. Now, if you're going to learn studying by yourself, then it might be a waste of time.

Also, if you don't have time to do that during your regular work hours, you will have to do it as a personal project on your free time. That will require discipline and persistence. But if you're really interested, I'm sure you can do it, specially if you already know the basics.

On the other hand, depending on which degree you have right now, having a degree in Data Science could help a lot in your career path if that's the field you want to work in.

In summary, you should weight the pros and cons in terms of: how do you learn and if you need a teacher for that; what's your career goals and if you can achieve with your current degree or you need a new one; the cost and return of getting the new degree; how much time you will have to really dedicate to that.

Hope this helps!

Wish you all the luck, Lucky! ;)

Thank you for looking into my query, i want to go to into data science especially in banking sector.

Hi Lucky,

I think there is no need for a degree for Data science it's up to you and your practice but if you still want to do with an academic basis then go for Corsera they have a lot of options for specialization in data science.



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