Here is some great content that you won't find on Google. I hope to add more in the future, and feel free to email me at [email protected] if you want to add some of your links.

It is easy to remember this page: the URL is BannedOnGoogle.com. It's not that the articles below are black-listed by Google, but most likely, Google algorithms are not working properly: either they can't find the page or can only find the mobile version (issue with Google's indexation algorithm) or instead, when searching for the article's title, Google returns irrelevant articles, or a copy of the article that is illegaly stolen and hosted elsewhere (issue with Google's web page scoring / ranking / attribution algorithms.) To learn more about these problems (how to design a good search engine or improve Google) click here, and here. And to learn how to design an indexation algorithm, click here.

You might find some of these popular articles (not found on Google) if you use our Data Science Search Engine.

Pages Not Found on Google

This is just a beginning. I hope to add more in the future. Note that over time, some of these links may come back while others may vanish: it is somewhat fluid.

I will publish a list of all our articles with the title and the URL, as an Excel spreadsheet, so that anyone can search for a title or keywords (in the Excel document) and retrieve the article. This will be posted on our members-only page, where such a listing is already available but needs to be updated.

DSC Resources

Additional Reading

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