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I am a recent graduate from Villanova University with a bachelor's degree in economics. My ultimate goal is to work in sports analytics, but I would like to work in the analytics field in general. I currently am at a crossroads in my life as I have the opportunity to go to law school or try to pursue a master's program in data analytics. I was wondering if anyone had any insights on the value a law degree might have in this field or if I would be better suited pursuing a master's degree. Thank you.

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Everything depends on where you can play to your strengths for the long term and develop new strenghts in between now and whenever the long term is. You don't have to decide everything right now. Also it depends on what branch of law you are interested in, and if there is a glut of lawyers where you want to work, live, etc. You have to specialize in law: taxes, corporate law, intellectual property, patent law, personal injury, civil rights, etc. .  Here is an interesting twist of applying text analysis to patents or contracts. This is an area where you have to know some of both.

Do you like statistics, programming, or policy analysis. Even though I'm ready to retire, I am very interested in policy, statistics, graph data, and text analysis, but I am not a programmer and never will be. There are standard packages that do text analysis without doing coding.

It's a cliche to say do what you enjoy because you have to make a living and pay off student loans. Villinova has many certicicate programs to choose from too.  Combining them would be useful rather than just tracking down the "data scieintiest" path by iteself. Think about all the values in your life and not slip into a career path you know you really don't like to do.



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