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Hello All,

Just looking for some advice. My last position was as a contractor SQL database developer at a bank in Buffalo, NY for a year. I was expecting my first child at the end of that contract when it ended. Now it's been almost 2 years since I've been working. During this time, I've been looking, applied, have interviewed a few places and even took and passed an online assessment for one position, but for one reason or another, nothing has panned out. While I'm thankful to have had this time with my child, I'm very ready to start working again, but I feel like it's been very challenging to find something, even though I have about 5 years of relevant experience, a bachelor's in MIS and a master's in software engineering.

I've thought about refreshing my skills, as I'm interested in Data Science, but I don't want to get a 2nd masters due to the time and cost. I've looked into grad certificates in Data Science, but the same issue with cost is there, as is for bootcamp classes. As for MOOC courses, i.e. Cousera, edX, etc., I'm not sure how much value they carry by employers for someone like me.

If anyone could please advise on what would be a good approach or option for me, I'd greatly appreciate it. Thanks in advance!

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