Dear all,

On a frequent base we have acquisitions of new companies of which we need to match (and in a later stage merge) their customer and supplier database with our own database. 

Current process I apply is:

  • matching on VAT number and tax number
  • matching on address (I create a unique key with country&zip&city)
  • matching on name 
  • (sometimes I try fuzzy matching on name also)

I'm using R to do the matching, but afterwards I still use Excel for manual filtering and compiling the final mapping file to match our accounts with their accounts (and to list the ones I couldn't match).

In the end it remains very time consuming, so I'm wondering if the process I apply is the best one and if you know any other best practices that will save me (and our team) some time.

Perhaps some code snippets to apply in R for easy matching and fuzzy matching is always welcome.

Thanks a lot,
Kind regards,


PS: attached is some R-code of a recent matching I did. 

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