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Been in Analytics for 3 yrs- need to know where to REALLY start!

I have been in analytics for a while.  However, it's all been through the use of basic tools- Excel, Access, etc.  I want to expand my knowledge base into Hadoop, Agile, all the other Big Data tools, but I have no idea where to start.  I'm looking for advice on what/where to start out in the basic concepts of these.

Google is a great thing, but searching for a starting point has been less than hoped for.  Any and all help would be appreciated!


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Dear Doug,

You want start your carrier in BIG DATA means, basic knowledge of Java,SQL,Linux and also knowing the basic programming principles is very basic prerequisites for Hadoop. Because In Hadoop MapReduce applications use programming language and also if you know programming it is added advantage for helping you to better understand the Hadoop Ecosystem. then you start with HADOOP, HBase,PIG,HIVE,Sqoop and etc. 

Agile is different topic, Agile software development methodology,principles and values you may learn in the Google. But when you will work in the Agile project you can digest without pain.

All the Best !!!


Bhaskara Reddy

Depending on your industry, and where you want to go with your career will determine where you start. I work in the marketing function, and would say SQL, R, and Tableau are the three areas to focus. If you want to go the data science route, add Python.

One approach is to see what's being used in the "Big Data" jobs at your firm.  Looks like you're in pricing now and I'm not sure how much unstructured data (if that's how you're defining "big data") is used in pricing.  Find someone at your firm that does whatever you want to do, see what they use and talk to them.

Another avenue is to enroll in a data science on-line curriculum and see how the different technologies are used, then choose one or more to learn.  For example, you can audit the courses in something like the Microsoft Data Science Professional Program (9-10 courses) for no charge.  You'll see how they use Python, R, RevoscaleR, Spark, Hadoop, AzureML, T-SQL, etc.  Quite interesting. 



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