I discussed AaaS as well as possible implementations about 2 years ago. While some companies such as Amazon use some version of AaaS e.g. to automatically set up bids for advertising keywords, for millions of keywords, each day, on Google pay-per-click campaigns, I yet have to find one company offering AaaS to external clients, for transaction scoring across all industries.

Do you know of a company offering the services described in my paper published in 2010? A few websites have light versions of this technology, e.g. dataspora.com, but I'm not sure whether these services are available via a programmable API in batch mode to process very large data sets, whether a startup is working on this project, let alone a big company such as IBM or SAS.

Please share with us the name and website of any company (or University) offering true AaaS in a professional, commercial environment (open source or not).



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Vincent, at BigML we have built a service much like you describe in your paper. It is a true AaaS. After registration, both training and scoring can be done through the web interface and through our API.


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