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I have a few domain names that I haven't used in years, on Network Solutions. I've tried to find their valuation using a Godaddy tool (they use a data science algorithm, supposedly!) and here is my list with the value, according to the Godaddy tool:

  • -- $1,464
  • -- $1,306
  • -- $3,355
  • -- $606
  • -- $2,702
  • -- $1,283
  • -- $956
  • -- $534
  • -- $1,167
  • -- $1,625
  • -- $945

If you have some domains you want to sell, feel free to add them in the comment section below (spammers will be removed.) Could make for a more interesting list for potential buyers. Same if you have a better idea about their valuation. There is no traffic and no active website attached to these domains - so you just buy the domain name, nothing more.

I may offer discounts for bulk purchase. I can be contacted at vincentg [at] datasciencecentral [dot] com. The above picture shows details regarding, using the Godaddy tool.

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I do have some related domains that I had planned to develop & are suitable for this post and this site:

Price Upon Request: Follow the domain names.



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