Analysis of survey conducted on grocery store customers

I have given a survey conducted on customers of grocery shop. This grocery shop has sensors which keeps track what items i picked and will be billed accordingly on exit of store app.

Survey conducts few questions like (everything rated 1-5)

Availability of products.

Access to different products(whether you are able to search required product easily or not)

Ease of parking

Ease of billing

Quality of products

This survey has to be analysed statistically and pick out most painful area.

I generated a sample data in r:

survey<-data.table("Availability" = c(rep(sample(1:5),200)),"Access" = c(rep(sample(1:5),200)),"Parking" = c(rep(sample(1:5),200)),
"Billing" = c(rep(sample(1:5),200)), "Quality" = c(rep(sample(1:5),200)))

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