100+ R tutorials, code snippets, libraries and resources

This is part of our series about how programming languages and platforms used to deliver successful data science nuggets. Our previous articles were about Python and Excel. Our upcoming articles will be about SAS, SQL,Tableau, NoSQL, Teradata, Hadoop and many more.

Source for chart: Google (produced with R)

Some interesting DSC articles about R include: 

Below are some of the search results (screenshot) found for R. Click here to actually access the search results, powered by Google, but focused only on selected, relevant websites, as opposed to the entire web. To have your website added in our search results, please contact us.

DSC Resources

Additional Reading

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Wow !!! This is a rich set of resources..Thanks for posting this.

Thank you for sharing.

Unfortunately there is a broken link on fourth bullet point:


could you kindly fix it?

Thank you,


Excellent list!

Please add www.executable-english.com 

You can now write agile self-explaining analytics in open vocabulary executable English. e.g. http://www.executable-english.com/demo_agents/InsuranceCaseStudy1.a... .

The system that supports this is live, online at www.executable-english.com.

Shared use is free, and there are no advertisements. Nothing to download, just point a browser to the site.


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