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Hi All

I've recently thrown myself at investigating different queue modelings and I'm on the lookout for some good datasets....

Traffic queues, passenger check-in queues, security queues, bank-teller queues, supermarket queues, etc. etc could be of great value for me....

Could anyone perhaps point me in the general direction in order to get my hands dirty on dataset of the like?

Thank you in advance.

Dan K. Hansen.

Tags: Dataset, Queue, theory

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This type of data set is rather easy to simulate with an algorithm and Monte Carlo, but I suppose you are interested in real data sets.

Hi Vincent, yes I am actually interested in real data.

I could of course spend a week at the local supermarket with pencil, paper and a stopwatch, or at our local airport or train station, but if there already where any sets public available, I would rather spare my time in field studies and go directly to the analysis instead :-)

Thanks for your comment though.


You may try this real set of data. I recommend though using discrete event simulation modeling rather than spending the time on queuing theory formulas.

Thank you very much Alexander. I'll give it a try.


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