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Any new costumer acquisition strategies for Data Science startups in 2017?

As they say, "The future is not like it used to be..."

How to get clients for Data Science services in 2017?

The term Data Science is still not so well defined. This often presents a marketing challenge when new startups trying to find B2B clients.

So, how do you approach potential clients?

Many small businesses have little or no idea how to get any value out of their data. But, these potential clients usually don't have a clue what data scientists actually do.

It's generally difficult and time consuming to target these businesses. In other words, the marketing efforts could turn out to be a waste of time and resources.

Does anyone have any success in B2B direct marketing Data Science services to small businesses? If so, can you share with us your secret sauce?


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show them they have a need for your services, rather they realize it or not, then be able to show them how you are going to fill that need as simply as possible

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